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Ms. Jennifer Aaron has been a true blessing to my family. I first met her at a Head Start parent meeting. From that meeting we connected. All the information and resources she has gave/ given to me has been a such a great support. Many blessings to her and her family 


I just wanted to share that working with Ms. Aaron over the past year has been a great pleasure. Ms. Aaron not only advocates for the family she is working with, she takes the time to listen to the District as well and truly works collaboratively to help everyone make the best decisions for the child.  Unknowingly, Ms. Aaron has also been an advocate for one of my family members supporting her young child navigate through his early education journey in the state of Delaware. She has supported and provided my cousin with so much help, she is thinking about becoming an advocate for the state herself because of all the positive interactions she had with Ms. Aaron.

Ms. Aaron truly exemplifies what PIC stands for, she is informative, she provide education for both the family and the school, and she advocates for what is best for children.


Jenn, your contributions were spot on every time you spoke. I asked my daughter what did she think And her immediate response was I just love the way she took Command. Your knowledge was so evident, and I could see in the faces particularly of the person that’s over the whole program that she was trying to respond without getting maybe frustrated because you knew policy. 



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