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Adult Students

About: Embrace The Journeys

Jennifer Aaron

Parent Coach and Special Needs Advocate

Growing up in my teenage years, I experienced quite an ordeal of pain and childhood-traumas due to the death of my mother and not having the best relationship with my father. You could only imagine at such a young age, how afraid, confused, and completely devasted I felt at that heart-piercing time of my life. As I began growing up, the community around me found interest in my life and my life story. It wasn't out of pity but because they saw the greatness in me when I wasn't able to see it for myself. My community gave me the physical and emotional support to achieve my goals. 


 The massive support from my community was woven in my young adult years so strongly that I made a vow to myself. I vowed to always provide unwavering support and guidance to anyone that may have felt the way I did growing up. I vowed to be that "member of the community" that will seek out accurate information, resources, and be there to understand the processes.


 Today, I have two beautiful twin daughters with one being on the Autism Spectrum. I realized that I had entered into a brand new 'journey' that I had absolutely no knowledge of.  Yet again, I found myself in great confusion, feelings of loneliness, sleepless and tearful nights after getting the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for my daughter. I knew I had to be strong for my children, so I took the time to reach out to 'my community' and met new friends along the way that shared their wisdom of how, what, who, and where to start. I was given guidance on how to get familiar and well acquainted with the systems that relate to my situation. 


What I want you to know about Embrace the Journeys is that I am in your corner. I am here to support, guide, and empower you on this Journey. I am here to help you to understand that there is power in your VOICE. I am always looking forward to strategically engage and provide the training/resources that will help your family unit be successful in reaching their goals and everyday living.

Let Embrace Help You on Your Journeys!

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